Thursday, December 14, 2006

Barack Obama - The Path to Power

Jacob Weisberg has written a pretty extensive article on Sen. Barack Obama for Men's Vogue, called "The Path to Power", complete with some great photographs by Annie Leibovitz (see left - Obama with his wife, Michelle, and daughters, Malia and Sasha).

There is also a poll about Obama, and while not exactly scientific, it says an awful lot about the likeability of the Illinois Senator. When asked the simple question, "Would you vote for Senator Barack Obama for president?", the current results from the poll show:
Yes - 66.86%
No - 33.14%
Example paragraph from the article:
As a speaker, Obama does not strive for the soulful effect of an African-American evangelical. Nor does he conjure instant empathy with an audience, the way Bill Clinton does. He delivers his message with the understated charisma of a Midwestern news anchor. But when he writes or when he speaks, Obama does something no one else in politics does: He plumbs his own anxiety and doubt, and ties his life story to political problems that few elected officials dare to discuss so personally, including the disparities of race and class, drug abuse, poverty, and, of course, faith.
Here is the Link: Men's Vogue - The Path to Power
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