Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Is Hillary really the front-runner?

I keep reading how Hillary Clinton is the person to beat in the Democratic party's race to the nomination in '08. I don't think I'm buying into that.

I think Clinton WAS the frontrunner, but that was before people started taking a look at Barack Obama. I still feel that Clinton would end up losing to McCain or Giuliani. She is too polarizing and her views on the war in Iraq will backfire on her.

With Obama, we have something new. A candidate with real charisma and someone who was against the Iraq war from the beginning. A quick look at his recent appearance in New Hampshire should give Clinton and her supporters a third or even fourth pause. The Clinton advisors were certain that their candidate would pull in the majority of the black vote - if/once Obama throws his hat into the ring, this would put a huge dent into Clinton's base.

I've been looking at the big picture for about a year now, and no matter which way you cut it, Barack Obama makes the most sense.

I see history in the making.
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