Saturday, March 10, 2007

Obama Raises Cash In Clinton Country

From NY1 24 Hour News Channel:

Democratic Presidential hopeful Senator Barack Obama stumped for dollars Friday in Manhattan.

The Illinois Senator held a fundraiser right in the backyard of his rival, Senator Hillary Clinton.

Obama's event was one of the hottest tickets in town. Tickets at $100 each sold out so fast the event was moved to the Grand Hyatt Hotel from a smaller venue.

"It underscores the essence of this campaign and that is this: this campaign is not about me,” said Obama. “It's about you."

And while Obama did not mention Senator Hillary Clinton, his wife took a shot not just at her campaign slogan but the perception of Clinton as a poll-driven, manufactured politician.

"I know that Barack is in this not just to win,” said Michelle Obama. “This race is not about winning because winning is not enough nowadays. Winning without dignity, without honor, winning without authenticity and truth, is not winning."

Obama had a glitzier $1,000-minimum "meet and greet" before the so-called "Late night with Obama" fete. And he's courting not just dollars but endorsements on Clinton's turf and many at the fundraiser say Clinton doesn't have the state locked down in support.

"I don't think anyone should take New Yorkers for granted,” said State Senator Bill Perkins. “I don't think Hillary is taking anything for granted and I think Obama's competitive here."

But one local politician was far less diplomatic.

"I can go so far as to say being from Bronx County, Clinton is certainly taking the African- American vote for granted,” said City Councilwoman Helen Foster. “I am always suspect of elected officials -- especially white elected officials -- that we see in black churches Sunday mornings when it's election time. We are more than just a Sunday-morning base."

Obama hopes to raise at least $1 million from Friday's events, but Clintons hopes to raise $15 million by the end of the month.

It will have to be seen if Obama can translate his hype into cold, hard cash.
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