Sunday, April 29, 2007

Obama stays on top of his game

From the Freeport, IL Journal-Standard:

The issue: The presidential campaign and Barack Obama

Our view: The junior senator's continued fund raising success and national popularity bodes well for Illinois

It's early. Too early for most people. Yet the genuine excitement and fund raising success achieved by Barack Obama since he announced his presidential intentions has raised a few eyebrows among Democratic Party insiders.

The tide of momentum is beginning to flow toward the Clinton campaign this week, after Hillary stood tall during the recent candidate debate in South Carolina.

It's part of the ebb and flow of a race that will carry on and pick up its pace the closer it gets to the primaries very early next year. Most certainly there will be candidate gaffes, controversies, and the spotlight will get shared by all seven of the Democratic hopefuls.

While Mr. Obama did little to distinguish himself at the debate and some would argue the event exposed his inexperience, the real story remains the tale of the accounting tape and his recent success in consolidating support among national black political leaders.

Clinton insiders are on record as being surprised and upset that the junior senator from Illinois has raised over $3 million in New York, Hillary's home state.

And, word on the West Coast puts the “Hollywood Factor,” squarely in Barack's corner, again with substantial financial contributions from significant king makers who contribute to the Democratic Party.

Beyond the financial evidence, it is Mr. Obama's clear message of hope and a need for a change in direction that is capturing audiences and keeping his name at the forefront of the race.

As the campaign unfolds, calls for details on his platform of ideas will distinguish some of his sustainability.

As it will for all of the candidates.

Yet at this juncture, with the beauty contest of candidates almost at its end and the contribution tallies at a point where several of the hopefuls will have to decide whether to stay in the race, Mr. Obama remains a strong contender with plenty of support for the Oval Office.

That is a prospect that bodes well for Freeport and Illinois.

Election of yet another president from this state, following in the footsteps of Lincoln and respecting the heritage of Grant, offers an important and unique opportunity for Illinois.

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Blogger gary said...

Does Obama have an opinion on nuclear proliferation, social security, the debt, or campaign reform?

If any of these topics are covered in YouTube videos, I'll be happy to include them on the site. I would very much like to get Obama's message out to potential voters.


12:31 AM, April 30, 2007  

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