Monday, January 07, 2008

Fired up, Ready to go . . .

A few noteworthy comments from this article today . . . aptly titled, Obama fever grips New Hampshire.

There is an unmistakable sense that Obama came here with a different status after last week's Iowa caucuses.

He was no longer just offering hope, he was offering success.

He was a winner now, no longer just a candidate.

"I have never seen a candidate so inspirational," said Jonathan Meagher, a lifelong Democrat and high school history and government teacher who drove from Massachusetts and lined up outside the school. "It's a movement. It's very exciting. "There has been a lot for this country to feel bad about. It's a scary world out there and people here feel the need to believe in somebody or something.

"They want to rally behind someone."


Obama, his voice hoarse and strained, told hundreds jammed around him that they must reject leaders who tell them what they can't do and embrace a president who can tell them what Americans can do.

Without mentioning Clinton, he said those who say he is offering false hope would be the same who would denigrate those who hoped to rid the U.S. of slavery, those who marched for civil rights, those who sought to travel to the moon.

"Imagining and fighting for what didn't seem possible before," he said, "that is the moment we are in now."

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