Thursday, February 21, 2008

¡Viva Obama!

Look what I found - even Mariachi Bands are singing the praises of Barack Obama.

The more this campaign carries on the more diverse and full the coalition of citizens backing the Senator from Illinois becomes. The video above comes from "Amigos de Obama".
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Blogger Brian said...

Dear Barack Obama supporters,

Clinton supporters became complacent when she was the frontrunner. Please understand that our most difficult tests to date are soon approaching. We need Obama to win Texas and Ohio to emerge early as a strongly supported candidate for the general election. Please join me in pledging to personally convert 4 individuals in Texas and Ohio to be Obama Supporters who cast a vote in the primary. How? I believe that each 100$ donation nets a vote. Other methods include phone banking, canvassing, and educating family and friends. Please make this pledge so that we don't make the same mistake as the Clinton supporters - We won't be complacent.

Please visit to make the pledge and for information on how to generate new Obama supporters.

10:00 PM, February 21, 2008  
Blogger Judy D. said...

i love it! viva Obama!!!

1:07 PM, February 23, 2008  

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