Wednesday, September 24, 2008

John McCain Wants to Delay First Debate with Obama. It Seems Like a Political Ploy.

This is from Handsome B. Wonderful over at The Political Junkie. In a strange twist, John McCain this afternoon has decided to try and postpone the first debate this Friday to focus on the economic crisis and return to Washington D.C.:
"At 8:30 this morning, Senator Obama called Senator McCain to ask him if he would join in issuing a joint statement outlining their shared principles and conditions for the Treasury proposal and urging Congress and the White House to act in a bipartisan manner to pass such a proposal. At 2:30 this afternoon, Senator McCain returned Senator Obama’s call and agreed to join him in issuing such a statement. The two campaigns are currently working together on the details," Obama spokesman Bill Burton said in an e-mail to reporters sent immediately after McCain spoke.

McCain's dramatic and unexpected statement seems to undercut any overtures he might have been making to bipartisanship. Instead of issuing a joint statement with Obama -- as the two campaigns apparently had discussed -- McCain chose to snag the spotlight for himself with a flamboyant display.
TPJ: I'm not sure why he's doing this except to try and gain some ground on the economic field where he has been lacking. So here's my view, we can do two things at once, a president has to be able to multi-task. The debate only takes one evening, it's not like it's a week long symposium of something. I don't think the bailout bill depends upon Obama and McCain being there on Friday. I don't think they are going to vote on anything Friday and as far as I know they haven't even set a date at all to vote. This seems like a political stunt by McCain. Country first? That's what he would have believe with this odd move. Especially since he has missed more votes than any other Senator in the current session of Congress. However, it looks more like the candidate putting himself first in a desperate attempt to shift the focus away from his terrible economic record and lack of understanding.

It's unlikely that Congress would be voting on a bailout during the few hours the candidates would be debating, and Obama previously announced plans to return to Washington Saturday morning. Congress is expected to remain in session through the weekend to pass legislation addressing the current crisis.

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Blogger Loco Lady said...

It's my understanding the McCain wants to push back Biden & Palin debate as well.

My interpretation to that; McCain/Palin don't enough knowledge to debate or run a country.

11:38 AM, September 25, 2008  

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