Thursday, January 04, 2007

Bobby Kennedy's Widow, Ethel, Would Support Obama Presidential Bid

By Mike Flannery for CBS-2 Chicago.

(CBS) WASHINGTON Illinois Senator Barack Obama made the rounds in Washington Thursday. He still has not announced whether he will run for president, but if he does, CBS 2's Political Editor Mike Flannery reports he will have at least one well-respected woman backing him.

Ethel Kennedy, the widow of Bobby Kennedy, told CBS 2 she would support Obama in a presidential run. Many people often compare Obama with Kennedy.

Kennedy said she thinks Obama should run for president. When asked why, she said, while walking next to Obama, "He's so adorable. Because he's got it all."

Not everyone is so adoring of Obama, including political rival Hillary Clinton who was circumspect when CBS 2 talked to her, but is said to be privately raising questions about the Illinois senator's public and personal experience.

A recent Washington Post article brought up Obama's admitted drug use in his youth. When asked about that drug use and the controversy the Post article has created, Obama said, "It's not something I’m proud of, but it's not something I shy away from."

"I think the message is when you're a teenager you can do some stupid things, but you can overcome stupid things you do when you're a teenager," he said.

Obama would not make a statement about when, or if, he will launch his campaign for the White House.

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