Monday, January 15, 2007

Obama: Expect decision on run soon

From Associated Press:

Sen. Barack Obama, D-Ill., said Sunday that he'll announce a decision about whether to launch a presidential bid ''fairly soon.''

Speaking from Chicago on CBS' ''Face the Nation,'' Obama wouldn't say much else about a presidential campaign, saying only he's still debating whether to run.

''I will have something to say about that fairly soon,'' he said. ''And obviously, there's been a lot of talk. It's something that I've been considering.''

Obama is thought to be an early favorite for the Democratic nomination, even though he's been mum about his future prospects.

The first-term senator has gained national attention since being sworn in to office in 2005. He has recently made appearances in key primary states and even garnered a paparazzi photo mention in People magazine.

Obama has hired policy, research and press staff for a campaign to be run from Chicago, according to several Democrats.

And a senior aide to the senator, Steve Hildebrand, recently told potential Iowa supporters that word of his plans could come early this week.

Obama '08 Editor's note: The "word of his plans could come early this week" falls in with what I reported earlier, that Obama could announce on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. That's pretty "early" in the week - and according to the clock, that's today!

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