Friday, January 05, 2007

Obama's past: Of Vice and Men

There appears to be a new tactic popping up every week in the national pundit circles to slow down the fast moving locomotive that is Barack Obama. Now, they're pulling Obama's own words against him. The man has admitted to using marijuana and cocaine during his youth. It seems our last two presidents also were early drug users. Okay . . . the difference here is that Obama admitted it freely and put it in his autobiographical "Dreams From My Father", while Clinton and Bush were pushed into their admissions - well, actually Clinton refused to admit he inhaled and Bush won't actually talk about it. Heck, Bush even had a DUI against him.

If anything, Obama's admission without being coerced, shows him to be a more open and honest man than either of our two most recent White House occupants. If you ask me - and I know you're not - an honest man is what this nation is sorely missing.
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