Friday, May 11, 2007

All American Patriots endores Obama

The web site All American Patriots web site has officially endorsed Barack Obama for president. According to a post on May 11, the site said:

May 11, 2008 -- All American Patriots officially announces it is endorsing Senator Barack Obama as the Democratic candidate for President, 2008.

In our opinion, Senator Barack Obama embodies a new vision for the United States. His intelligence, his demonstrated commitment to improving the lives of all Americans, and his profound grasp of both national and international issues make Senator Obama one of the most exciting candidates of at least the past two presidential election cycles, and place him in stark contrast to the current administration.

In addition, while we believe Senator Obama's chief rival Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton possesses many qualities that would make her a highly effective president, we believe the United States has not benefited from the imposition of political dynasties, as most starkly evidenced by the gross inadequacies and ineptitude of the George W. Bush administration. It is time for new blood in the White House.

In the current field of Republican candidates, we currently see no one who we feel possesses either the qualifications, the skill, or the vision to properly and inclusively represent all Americans, and can therefore endorse none of them.

We are delighted that our choice this election cycle comes down to a tight race between two individuals, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, either of whom, if elected, will make history in the White House by finally breaking one of two seemingly insurmountable barriers long since broken by many other Western democracies: those of gender and race. This will be a great service both to the people of the United States and to the country's international stature, which is in dire need of repair.

All American Patriots will continue to follow the 2008 presidential election with great interest, and to provide daily coverage from and about candidates across the full range of the political spectrum.

And to Senator Barack Obama: we wish you the greatest possible success on your journey.

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