Saturday, May 19, 2007

Obama & Brownback together on another issue - this time, Iran

By Mark Memmott for USA Today:

Though they're running for the presidential nominations of competing parties, senators Sam Brownback and Barack Obama do seem to like to work together on some issues -- though Brownback this week has been more eager to publicize the fact.

Brownback, a Kansas Republican, send out a press release this afternoon to announce that he and Obama have "introduced the Iran Sanctions Enabling Act, legislation that would increase economic pressure on the Iranian regime."

Indeed, S. 1430 -- the bill -- is officially listed as being "sponsored" by Obama and "co-sponsored" by Brownback.

Obama's office, though, didn't mention Brownback when it announced the bill's introduction on Wednesday. The senator's fellow Democrats on the House side -- Reps. Barney Frank and Tom Lantos -- got the mentions.

Brownback and Obama have teamed up before, though, on issues related to tragedies in the Congo and the Darfur region of Sudan.

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