Saturday, March 08, 2008

There's Something Happening Here...

The "Momentum" has only just begun...


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Blogger rearden215 said...

The race for the White House by the Clintons- and yes, there are two of them running for the same post- appears to be underpinned by one general fallacy: that boomers live forever.

I think that the Clintons still see themselves as wearing an REI backback, Vibram-soled Danners and trudging steadfastly through the perfect and gentle snow of youth to the next poli-sci class at college.

Gotta revolution. Almost cut my hair. Four and twenty. Two cats in the yard. Wave my freak flag high. Paul is dead. Butterflies across our nation. The government. The man.

The impending revolution never amounted to much. Everybody cut their hair in '73, got jobs- temporary, of course- at the branch bank and made fun of every working person besides themselves while smoked up at some cool friend/dude's cabin in the woods on the weekends. When the revolution comes!

Hey, when no one is looking I admire my white patent leather loafers in the full length mirror at Gimbels and feel the 'tightness' between those reflectors of purity on my feet and the baby blue edwardian suit on my bod. I look pretty good. Hey, disco is stupid but I'll just goof on it and have a good time. Until the revolution comes.

Yeah, it's an Apple II. Oh, that's VisiCalc on there. It does numbers and stuff, kinda like a calculator only more. I use it at the bank- I'm only there temporarily- and we do, like, numbers for idiots with more money than sense... investments? Well, yeah, kinda. But, I'm really not into that financial thing, you know.

Some dude was offering stock in a software company, like the the stuff I use at the bank, only it's for the common man and not 'The Man'. I'm in for 20k shares, top at 23, take me out if it hits 15. Uh, yeah, about the revolution.....just a sec.....'No, all wheel drive is not the same as four wheel drive.'..... you were saying? Right. It's time for The Man to get what's coming.... uh, hold on..... 'Could you honestly see me wearing cross trainers to ANYTHING in Westchester county?. Didn't think so.'

I am all about winning, you know. The guys above me are such dolts, always whining about their retirement plans- I'm here to make things happen. Stir shit up. Get rid of the fat middle management layer. Did you notice that I work out during lunchtime? While listening to Tom Peters tapes on my Walkman? Revolution?

Either get with this PC thing, or get out.

I bought Redhat at two dollars and sold it at five hundred. Revolution. Thank you for not smoking in the Grand Wagoneer.



Baby Einsteins.

Knitted brow. Every thing is an outrage.

I just moved the assembly offshore to China. Those morons on the assembly floor wanted a raise, I said, 'I will give this whole thing to someone in the Orient who cares more about the product than themselves, if you make me. Don't make me do it.'

They made me do it. To retaliate I bought a Cayenne. Built a seven thousand square foot house complete with an outdoor kitchen and a fire feature. Irish setter. Oliver Peoples glasses frames. Indifferent khakis. Turnbull & Asser. Carrying a hundred people on my back- those dolts who just aren't winners and risk takers like me.

Then, the revolution came.

Change. It is not a bad thing, to hear the Clintons talk, but, the Clintons are now 'The Man'; they are now the 'Government'. They are old but just won't admit it-Danners notwithstanding. The Clintons just don't get it.

Comes a black man with no experience and no credentials, to hear the Clintons talk, and this black man is coming forward like Kennedy. Not Jack, but Robert.

Boomers don't live forever. Just until the revolution comes.

The revolution has come.

The end of Boomervision is near. Temporary, of course.

8:10 PM, March 10, 2008  
Blogger Robert Rouse said...

The only problem with your hypothesis is that I am a Boomer - I never left the Revolution, the revolution left me! And I happen to be for Obama - not the frackin' Clintonistas.

8:53 PM, March 10, 2008  

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