Wednesday, May 07, 2008

The Indiana campaign is over

While on the surface, it may look like Indiana's results were a win for Hillary Clinton, the big picture shows Sen. Obama on the verge of total victory. With only 22,000 votes separating the two candidates, Indiana was a tie, basically splitting the delegates in half. However, Obama won North Carolina by more than 200,000 votes, nearly ten times the Indiana split.

Hillary Clinton is on the ropes. Obama now has more delegates and popular vote than Senator Clinton - even if you factor in Michigan and Florida. He has more money on hand and a fund-raising machine that seems to bring more money in at will. In addition, his ground force of volunteers easily dwarfs that of Senator Clinton.

Obama has weathered the storm that hit over the past few weeks and is now an even stronger campaigner than before. The Rev. Wright controversy, the bitter comments, the Pennsylvania primary, and even the frackin' flag pin resurrection only ended up being a slight bump on the road to the nomination. You will now witness a trickle of the more timid super delegates coming out for Obama. The campaign is a virtual lock for the Indiana Senator. Last night I heard former Allen County Democratic chair, Kevin Knuth - a Hillary supporter - say he doesn't see how she can continue after last evening's stunning defeat in North Carolina.

Speaking of Allen County, our AC4O (Allen County For Obama) team certain did its job. Obama won Allen County by over 9000 votes, taking every precinct in the county, including Republican stronghold Aboite. The AC4O group has worked hard in this part of the state and was truly a well oiled machine. My hat goes off to my fellow AC4O team members. A more dedicated, enthusiastic, and motivated team you could not ask for. A special shout out to Sofia Rodriguez who got the AC4o ball rolling. She is a powerful force to reckon with.

Last evening, many of us gathered at La Margarita here in Fort Wayne to celebrate our tiny victory for the campaign. There were shouts of joy and pride as we watched the percentage between the two candidates shrink before our eyes - 12 points dropped to 10. 10 quickly moved to 8. This continued until the slim margin of two percentage points was reached. Below are a few shots taken during last evening's celebration.

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