Thursday, June 07, 2007

McCain aide will quit if Barack Obama get's the Democratic nod

Not that McCain has a chance of getting the Republican slot, but if he did, and if the Democrats decided to go with Obama, McCain's senior adviser, Mark McKinnon has vowed he will step down. According to Richard Wolfe at Newsweek:
McKinnon, a lifelong Democrat until he decided to team up with Bush, developed a bond with McCain over their shared belief in the need to remain committed to the troops in Iraq. McKinnon helped organize McCain's last book tour and has traveled extensively with the senator, offering media advice to the candidate for much of the last year. But he wrote a memo to the campaign in January, explaining that he would quit if the general election pitted McCain against Obama. McKinnon wrote that while he opposed Obama's policies, especially on Iraq, he felt that the Illinois senator--as an African-American politician--has a unique potential to change the country. Therefore, McKinnon argued, he wanted no part in any efforts to tear down Obama's candidacy. (McKinnon, who has previously told friends he was inspired by Obama's autobiography, refused to comment on the memo, as did Brian Jones, McCain's communications director; Obama's campaign said that the senator had never met McKinnon.)
It's a good thing Wolfe informed us that McKinnon was a lifelong Democrat, otherwise I would be spending wasted time trying to figure out what kind of sneaky trick he was up to by revealing this information.
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